Division of Labor

First appeared in Heavy Feather Review (v. 3.4/Vacancies, February 2015) Four men were carried forth by the prevailing winds. The winds formed a face we have done much to forget. One of the men took cover in the mouth of its yellowing mention. Two others effortlessly played a part meant for one. There was talk [...]


First published in Vestal Review for Magic Mondays series (August 14, 2017) With so much time on his hands, he looked out: the moon. It had no family. But it had this way of asking for a companion,someone to see it through the night. What little it took, he thought, to give in. And so, he did. [...]

Two from The Fatherlands

IIX She is a woman of tattered happenings. From province to province, she goes, talking and taking always the road that curves under the hand of god, as she is known to say. On her face, the wind is a quiet pretense, as if the air soft against her flesh in truth signifies a single [...]


Unfounded (FutureCycle Press 2015) a book of poems Available now through FutureCyle Press and Amazon. Divided into three parts, Michael Trocchia’s debut collection of verse is a lyric study on the forms of fate, a haunting discourse on the linguistic fractures between one’s self and substance, and a set of shimmering images and meditations on [...]

The Fatherlands

The Fatherlands (Monkey Puzzle Press 2014) Trocchia offers a series of prose poems and short fictions on the mystery of origins and the varieties of estrangement. (out of print) "Like de Chirico’s barren landscapes, which are populated mainly by classical sculptures and other antiquities, the weight of the past—the metaphorical marble busts and architectural remnants [...]