Mortals in the Making

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Finishing Line Press

February 2019

“‘Let me risk being the man / harried and lost’, Michael Trocchia writes, and he does: he stands in his darkly radiant poems and lets the wind sing through him, always willing to ‘feel the cold air coming in,’ to ‘hold the worry there for a moment.’ These poems, though, do not wallow in darkness; they let it in so that they can be opened. They want to commune, to praise, to sing; they want nothing less than ‘a song to slice the sky open.’ And yes, they open that sky, and they open themselves, and they open us.” –Joseph Fasano

“I love these poems—their well-wrought lines, the intricacy of their sentences—for their delight and surprise, for their smarts and the breadth of their gnosis. You will be reminded in all the best ways of such poets as Yannis Ritsos, Charles Simic, Georg Trakl, and the Italian Modernist we think of as hermetic. That said, be prepared for a wholly original and new voice, one that is radiant and clairvoyant, one I did not know I had been awaiting so eagerly.” –Eric Pankey

“Like the sky in certain moods, the poems in Mortals in the Making are at once obscure and illuminating, opaque and full of light. Michael Trocchia‘s poetry is attentive to severe abstractions, as befits a philosopher, but also to bread, rain, the kitchen table. Authoritative and sometimes stern, the poems are also full of tenderness. This is a distinctive and moving collection.” –Rachel Hadas

“The world that Trocchia wants for us is one that is his own, a world of contradiction, of paradox, of subtlety and hope in the actual. The seeing that he prescribes for us is unfettered sight. Trocchia’s mastery…is sure and unfaltering, his invention tireless. Pay attention to this man.” –Jesse Ball